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Get Prom-Ready With These Expert Ideas

Prom night is an unforgettable experience for many young individuals. There are weeks – sometimes months – of planning involved to find the perfect dress, accessories, hairstyle, and more. Makeover Essentials is here to help, so keep these ideas in mind as you prepare for the big event.

If you’re worried about a breakout of skin blemishes just before prom, get eye drops that are formulated to reduce redness. These drops have anti-inflammatory agents, which constrict blood vessels and minimize redness. After applying the drops to your skin, apply a lemon scrub to brighten things up. Just remember to do it at night or avoid sunlight just after application, and to follow up with a moisturizer.

Just as importantly, be careful about how your approach your brows and hair. Waxing or plucking the day of or the day before prom may leave your skin a bit irritated, so get this chore out of the way in the middle of the week. Your opportunities for hairstyle are nearly endless, so consider doing something a bit different. Leave-in conditioner is a Makeover Essentials mainstay because it leaves locks shiny and healthy-looking.

When it comes to your eyes and smile, think color. A whitening strip will work wonders for your teeth if you use it throughout prom week, and – like your hair – your lip color should be a bit out of the ordinary (and mesh with your dress, of course). Adding a sparkly top coat and some color to your waterline will make your eyes pop without going overboard.

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What’s the Deal With No-Makeup Makeup?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the no-makeup makeup concept. If you haven’t, consider Cameron Diaz’s apt overview of the technique. When makeup artist Gucci Westman prepared Diaz for a photo shoot, she used a conceal-and-redraw method. The actress explain, “Instead of piling on a new face, she let my skin breathe, mixing and then spot-painting different colors onto every imperfection.” Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts are excited about the rise of this approach.

The renewed enthusiasm for no-makeup makeup comes with the launch of Westman’s first cosmetics collection. Westman Atelier is a line of blushes, bronzers, and highlighters – not to mention 11 foundations. In the Makeover Essentials office, she has long been recognized as a beauty innovator. It’s a big plus that this makeup guru is honest about everything she does. We love that Westman’s approach to clean beauty began with her upbringing in Eastern philosophy. She says, “I just feel like luxury now is knowledge. That should be the new way of looking at beauty.” We agree!

For instance, her blush sticks are full of raspberry stem cells and organic jojoba oil. She also uses the system of biomimicry (a method plants used to protect themselves) to ensure that there are no inflammatory properties in her products.

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Don’t Miss These 2018 Beauty Trends!

Last year brought us a lot in terms of beauty innovation, and 2018 has gotten off to a great start as well. We’re always on the lookout for the best in beauty. From skincare and haircare to the latest in cosmetics, here are some Makeover Essentials favorites:

” Inclusiveness: Finding the perfect shade of foundation is essential for avoiding patchy, mismatched skin. There haven’t been a huge number of tones (10-15) from which to choose in the past, which was problematic for many. Thanks to brands such as Fenty Beauty, however, there are now more than 40 options. It’s refreshing that diversity is recognized more than ever!

” Monotone Eyeshadow: A significant amount of effort is involved in using different eyeshadow colors for undereyes, creases, and lids. Luckily, the monotone look is gaining ground. We’ve seen bright colors like ultraviolet and electric blue on the runways. For day-to-day activities, our Makeover Essentials beauty experts prefer rose gold, copper, and tans.

” Cleansing Oils: These products have historically received a bad rap in the beauty world, but we know better. Cleansing is the foundation of any skincare regimen, and cleansing oils are now recognized as the best catalysts for clear and glowing skin. They don’t dry out the skin as many products do, nor do they clog pores.

These are just a few of this year’s trends; we can’t wait to see what the coming seasons will bring! Go to our Makeover Essentials Newswire to find out what else is big in 2018.

How Meghan Markle Is Challenging Royal Beauty Rules

By now, Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry is old news. All the details that surround it, however, are still hot topics. People continue to chatter about the impending wedding festivities. Even throughout the Makeover Essentials office, the image of her elegance in a stunning white gown, bejeweled accessories, and flawless hair keeps discussion lively and curious.

As with any big event like this, people all over the world are keeping close watch on the Prince’s and Markle’s public appearances. Since the engagement was announced, for instance, they visited a youth-focused radio station based in London. We noticed right away that aside from Markle’s genuine smile and grace, something was different.

We’re used to seeing the actress sporting her Hollywood look – wavy brunette locks worn loose. During her outing, she opted instead for a bun set low on her neck. A few wisps of hair framed her face, which was free of makeup. It’s clear that Markle is stunning with or without the fuss of a beauty routine, and her no-fuss appearance only adds to her appeal.

Markle’s style adds something natural and refreshing to the royal entourage. After all, even Kate Middleton is rarely seen without her signature rosy cheeks and lips. Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts are eagerly awaiting more of Markle’s unconventional yet sophisticated statements.

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What Are 2018 Pre-Fall Fashion Trends? Find Out Here

When it comes to the world of fashion, we at Makeover Essentials believe there are more than four seasons. In fact, the pre-fall season seems to extend throughout the year. For many fashion businesses, sales of autumn-ready products start booming in the summer. They don’t taper off until mid-winter. Then new trends begin to emerge, covering outerwear, casual daywear, formal evening attire, and beyond.

With all this in mind, our Makeover Essentials beauty experts have already identified the following 2018 trends:

” Sequins: Sequins continue to be a staple in eveningwear. We’ve seen them shining brightly on off-shoulder gowns, skirts with asymmetrical hems, long-sleeved tops, and more.

” Head-to-Toe Patterns: The days of patterned garments paired with solids are long gone – at least for now. Attention-grabbing outfits with uniform prints abound.

” Fur: People are donning real as well as faux fur this year. They’re out and about in soft shades and bold, multicolored looks alike.

” Graphic Stripes: These consist of vibrant, colorful stripe layouts on casual attire. Horizontal and vertical stripes, as well as those of varying sizes, are all in.

” Animal Prints: From snakeskin to leopard, animal prints are available on all sorts of attire. Many designers have released them on outerwear that makes for easy and attractive layering.

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Year in Review: Unique – and Sometimes Crazy! – Trends

Every year carries exciting trends in just about every industry. The world of fashion and beauty is no different. For instance, the eyebrow received all sorts of attention in 2017. There were also unusual application methods, hairstyles, and more. Here are a few that did not escape notice at Makeover Essentials.

Let’s begin with eyebrows. We’ve seen them feathered and even photoshopped into squiggles. In fact, beauty guru Huda Katten tried the look herself after being impressed by the photoshop look. Kendall Jenner and Bella Thorne were just as daring, with Jenner bleaching her brows and Thorne adding pink glitter to hers.

Moving on to makeup application methods, did you know that people have been using everything from hard-boiled eggs to condom-covered blenders to don their cosmetics? Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts are impressed by their creativity!

Short hair is one thing, and buzzed or shaved looks are entirely different. Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, and Cara Delevingne sported little to no hair at all, whether for film obligations or simple personal preference. The style accented their facial bone structures beautifully.

A final look worth noting was presented by none other than Kim Kardashian. She and her sisters are known for their plump lips, and she enhanced hers using a dragon’s blood mask. It’s made from a tree sap, aptly named because it drips (like blood) when it seeps out of the bark.

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