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Top Fashion Trends for 2019: What You Need to Know

When it comes to the latest fashion trends, our Makeover Essentials beauty experts have their pulses on what’s hot for the coming year. From colorful and vibrant to throwbacks from decades (and centuries!) gone by, there’s something for everyone to express themselves in 2019:

• Tie-Dye: Think of this as an update to the rainbow shades of the 60s and 70s. Today’s tie-dyed shirts are more subdued, yet still make a powerful statement. Wispy cloud-like shirts, kaleidoscope patterns, and broader swatches freshen this classic.

• Headbands: A preppy favorite returns, with some bolder materials, like broad bands made of leather or roped velvet. Go classic and chic, sporty or funky when pulling your hair back this season. Add even more sleekness to your look with Makeover Essentials flat irons that straighten your tresses.

• Fringe: Yep, fringe accessories are making a comeback in a big, dramatic way with long strands. If you missed the hippy look, this is a hipper version that’s sure to be seen everywhere you go this year.

• Neon: There’s nothing subtle about the bright pinks, greens, yellows, and oranges we’ll be wearing in 2019. Not ready to commit to an all-over glow-in-the-dark wardrobe? Sprinkle in some brightly shaded accessories or shoes with more neutral tones.

• Prairie Dresses: The antidote to the minidress, this smock harkens to the Laura Ingalls days. Think of high necklines, long sleeves, and floor-length hemlines, replete with ruffle trim and dainty floral patterns.

• Sage Green: Evoke a sense of nature with this light, muted green in soft fabrics like silk or tropical wool. It’s like wearing a grown-up pastel.

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Be the First to Know on 2019 Trends

It’s official – Makeover Essentials is where you want to stay tuned for the best in beauty products developed and produced for the person who wants to look and feel terrific 365 days a year. Let’s chat about what’s in store for 2019.

Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts are always imagining what cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products are going to add value to people’s lives. We research trends – and create some of our own. Everything you need so you can perfect the look you want. Go total glam with our rich shades of lipstick, shimmering eye shadows, and mascaras meant to draw everyone’s attention to your lusciously long lashes. If your look is more classic or subtle, we’ve got you covered with natural bronzers and glosses that add subtle color to your lips. Keep your face looking fresh longer with our primer.

Sleek hair is in for 2019 and we’ll help you realize those lovely locks with styling products that straighten and tame unruly curls and give you that just-out-of-the-salon look.

Don’t forget to add a sweet (or tempting) scent before you walk out the door. Our perfume and cologne selection includes options for men and women, so anyone can choose the right fragrance for them.

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How to Achieve the Perfect Holiday Look

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and your friends at Makeover Essentials want to make sure you enjoy the festivities to the fullest. We’ve compiled a few thoughts on what to consider when you’re heading out for any type of holiday adventure:

• Think Through Your Footwear: The type of gathering should dictate what you put on your feet. Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts suggest you follow the rule of thinking through what you’ll be doing first, then decide on the proper shoes. Consider how much standing and walking is part of the evening, not to mention dancing. While stilettos might be your go-to party shoe, there are many chunkier heels and dressy satin flat options that will allow you to remain comfortable, yet stylish all night.

• Go for Hands-Free Purse Option: Why juggle a clutch while holding a cocktail and a small plate when you can go with a handbag with a crossbody strap? From evening bucket bags in crushed velvet to thin sequin-beaded purses that hug your side, you’ll have one less thing to hold on to.

• Find an Outfit That Works for You: Today’s holiday styles run the gamut from sparkling minis that throwback to the 60s to updated versions of the little black dress and flowing evening gowns. Not a dress fan? Silk pants with a soft cashmere sweater woven with metallic threads in the same shade is a stunning alternative.

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How to Look Hot When the Weather Is Cold

Winter weather means time to bundle up. However, staying warm doesn’t mean foregoing style. Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts know that looking good and protecting ourselves from the harsh temps are not mutually exclusive endeavors. Here are five ways to be fashion-forward and comfortable this winter:

• Beanies Are Back: Your favorite headgear from childhood has returned. It’s now cool to wear a knit cap or beanie to keep the heat from escaping your noggin – even if you’re not hitting the slopes. With multiple grown-up colors and fun options (pompoms on top), you’ll be able to keep warm all winter long.

• Pretty in Pink (and Other Pastels): Soft-colored wool coats that look and feel luxurious add a touch of femininity and brightness against a snowy backdrop. Think millennial pink, baby blue, or even a gentle shade of peach. Not ready to commit to a coat or jacket in these hues? Scarves, gloves and hats in pastels make nice accents to darker outwear.

• Rich Marsala: At Makeover Essentials, we’re big fans of wine-colored shades for fall and winter and this deep burgundy is a color that complements this season perfectly. You can find it in coats, as well as shirts, pants, skirts, and sweaters.

• Poncho Perfection: When the temps dip, but it’s not quite cold enough for a parka, try a poncho or wrap. Knit versions look charming over a pair of jeans tucked into riding boots. A tweed cape adds polish to a professional ensemble.

• Sneak in Sneakers: Athletic shoes that look fashionable but feel comfortable are the way to go, especially when there’s a light dusting of snow on the ground.

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Beauty All In One (Small) Place

Face it, we’ve all been there. We’ve accumulated so many cosmetics that our makeup bags (or drawers) are overflowing with products. So we spend more time searching through them to find the right eyeliner or shade of lipstick to complement our outfit or add the right look for wherever we’re headed. Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts know the struggle is real.

Enter Makeover Essentials solution to this dilemma: The Complete Petite.

Inside this sleek travel case is all that you need to look your best, whether you’re on the road or in your bathroom. The case itself is slender and black, which makes it easy to tote with you anywhere you go. It’s small enough to stow in a travel bag or even a purse. You can even stow it nicely in your bathroom drawer without taking up too much space.

However, don’t let this kit’s petite size fool you. Everything you need to mix and match up your look is right there. There are 10 shades of eyeshadow, enough to coordinate with any pallet. The same goes for lipstick, with five supple shades to choose from depending on your desired look. Two shades of blush are enclosed as well, one in warm tone and one that’s cooler pink, which complement any skin tone. You’ll also find an eyeliner, mascara, and applicators in this handy-dandy compact. All of it fits in with little pullout drawers and a pencil sharpener on the side.

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Superfoods That Make Great Skincare Products

There’s a lot of research on the benefits of consuming superfoods. Also known as power foods, these grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are noted for being packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins that can do anything from increasing our energy levels to rid our bodies of harmful free radicals and other substances that can damage our organs and tissues. However, as yummy as they are to eat, our Makeover Essentials beauty experts have learned that many of these foods are also good applied to the skin. Let’s look how some of them are used as scrubs, masks, and other beauty products:

• Chia Seeds: These gelatinous seeds are good for more than just puddings and smoothies. Applied to the skin, their anti-inflammatory properties work to soothe skin flare-ups caused by acne. When they’re not battling pimples, chia seeds have omega-3 fatty acids which hydrate the skin and anti-aging vitamins like B3, B2, and zinc that leave you with a fresher, more glowing appearance.

• Yogurt: A longtime favorite of the healthy set, we’ve noted over the years that yogurt is also good applied to the skin. It contains lactic acid which can fade dark spots while also serving as an exfoliant which sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter appearance. The high protein in yogurt promotes the production of collagen, too, which is what keeps our connective tissue together, leading to fewer wrinkles and firmer skin.

• Quinoa: There’s riboflavin in this versatile grain, which is a key ingredient in the fight against aging skin. It aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping to produce more connective tissue, which improves skin tone. To help make sure you remove all of your makeup and the rest of the day off your face, use Makeover Essentials Refresh Me Cloth before or after your quinoa scrub.

• Kale: We already know this leafy green does a good job of detoxifying our insides when it’s mixed in salads or smoothies. It’s great applied to your skin, too. From cleaning out your pores, to fighting free radicals and other environmental toxins, Kale’s vitamins and minerals (like vitamins A and K) make your skin healthy and less puffy. Before your rub, try Makeover Essentials Makeup Remover so you can start with a clean base.

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