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Decluttering Your Makeup Collection

One of the biggest trends in the makeup world right now is taking on a declutter project for your makeup collection. Many makeup influencers are posting videos of their own declutter efforts for others to follow along as they rid themselves of products they no longer use, or products they bought on a whim. 

For health and beauty vlogger Kendra Atkins, decluttering means keeping what she knows she’ll use even as a busy mom of three. Sticking to your essentials as a first step in your declutter efforts is a great way to narrow down the items you know you’ll use all the time, like a primer that can keep you looking fresh for hours. For a primer that lasts, check out Makeover Essentials Face Primer. 

Makeup vlogger Shaaanxo finds that clearing out her lipstick drawers is a therapeutic exercise. Throwing out expired items, or setting aside items that have never been used and are still sealed in the box to donate is the perfect way to pare down excess makeup. Lip color that pops is an essential part of any makeup drawer, and Makeover Essentials has you covered with Lip Addiction II, lip glosses and color in one.    

Beauty vlogger Kathleen Lights has a hard time narrowing down what to keep because it’s both her passion and her job to collect great products, but her decluttering efforts still pay off when she takes a practical approach, only keeping items she truly loves in her collection. Multi-use products that are collected in one compact can be the perfect way to consolidate, like Makeover Essentials Conceal Me kit.  

Ultimately, you want a makeup collection that’s based on a few essential products that you use all the time, and some products that you use occasionally, but really love. 

Check out the Makeover Essentials shop page to find some of these essential products to stock your makeup drawers, and follow us on Facebook to see more trending declutter videos. 

Bringing You Top Trends For Spring 2020

At Makeover Essentials, we’re getting excited for the top looks that are being talked about for Spring 2020! From fresh new takes on classic looks to the most talked about styles of today, we’ve got the hottest information on three of the biggest looks of the year to date. 

The natural look is always in fashion, and nude eyeshadow is in the spotlight once again, both for its classic style and versatility. Worn by up-and-coming stars like Sofia Carson, this look is so versatile it can be used for date night when paired with a smoky eye technique, or for a more playful look when you add a pop of color. Makeover Essentials Mystic Eye Palette is the perfect blend of neutrals and eye-catching colors to help you achieve the nude eyeshadow look that’s right for you. 

Touted by makeup artist and lash expert Deanna Tharp, the dramatic lash continues to be a sought-after look this coming season, with different types of lash additions recommended for individual eye shapes. However, if you want to skip the headache of applying false lashes, the Mascara Duo 2 from Makeover Essentials can give you the gorgeous, full lash look you crave.  

Free-floating eyeliner, as demonstrated by Lucy Boynton at the 2019 SAG Awards, is a stroke of genius when it comes to new looks that make the eyes really stand out. Try a softer version of this look with Makeover Essentials Lashing Out – Girls Night Out combination compact that includes dramatic lashes with eyeshadows that will make an impression.

It’s all about the eyes this spring season, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Follow Makeover Essentials on Instagram to learn more about the versatility of all the latest eye makeup trends.  

Looking for Holiday Inspiration? See Kandee Johnson!

One of the great things about living in the digital age is that we have access to brilliant people sharing their thoughts on just about everything – including makeup and fashion. About every month or so in the Makeover Essentials office, we find a new favorite makeup artist or fashion guru to follow online, and for the holiday season we’ve landed on Kandee Johnson.

Kandee has a go-to look for every occasion, and is quickly becoming someone our younger generation can look up to. She has an extensive background as a celebrity makeup artist on movies, TV shows, commercials, and celebrity appearances. If you check out her blog, she has pictures of herself with some of the famous people she’s made up, and also photos of rodeo cowboys she worked with on an ad campaign. She made some of the roughest, toughest men in the world look their best while still maintaining their iconic rugged appearance. That’s a real testament to her skill, in our Team Makeover Essentials opinion.

She’s a bit of a celebrity in her own right too, having been a guest on talk shows like “Good Morning America,” “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and “Fablife.” This, plus her inspirational Instagram posts and fun makeup tutorials makes her a gal we can count on for beauty advice when we absolutely, positively need to look our best: like the holidays!

We’ve got you covered for all your beauty go-tos this holiday season, and recommend Kandee Johnson to give you great advice on how to create an unforgettable look. Check out our Makeover Essentials [Newswire] feed to learn more.

The Perfect Gift for The Holiday Season

We’ll freely admit to being biased, but all the same Team Makeover Essentials has THE perfect product to gift for the holidays. We’ve brought together all of our year-round products and created special holiday boxes that should retail for over $300! Because it’s the most wonderful time of year, we’re offering this package to you for only $49.99.

The Makeover Essentials gift box includes Passion 10 Eyeshadow Palette, Moisturizing Socks, Face Primer, Eye Dazel Duo, Shimmer Powder Brush, and our Puff Pack. It’s the perfect gift for any beauty product lover in your life (including you) and you just can’t go wrong with this price.

Another great thing about the products in this year’s holiday box is that they’re timeless. Glamming it up for a New Year’s Eve bash with our eye shadow palette will always be in style, as will recovering from a cold night out with our moisturizing socks. So, we recommend stocking up now while we’re offering this fantastic price and getting a head start on gift shopping for 2020.

We love giving our friends and loved ones gifts any time of year, but especially during the winter holidays. That’s probably what has us most excited about this year’s holiday box. As gift-givers ourselves, we know what a great deal this is. Follow Makeover Essentials on [Instagram] to learn more about our incredible holiday gift boxes.

Join Us In Following Becca Tilley and Her New Fall Line

Makeover Essentials is proud to be part of the beauty community, and we are always on the lookout for the most fashion-forward guru. This month, Makeover Essentials is LIVING for Becca Tilley. If you’re not already familiar with her work, she’s a vlogger, podcaster, YouTuber, trendsetter, and fashionista. In other words, this girl really knows her stuff!

And we’re super excited that Becca just launched her own fierce fall fashion line with Macy’s. Her line is filled with plaids, animal prints, and bright colors, along with mix-and-match suits. With this line, Becca shows that she’s not afraid to challenge the norm by shrugging off the traditional seasonal standards.

In an interview, Becca was asked about her new clothing line, and this is what she had to say: “My goal was to create a line that anyone with any shape or body type or size could put on and feel confident in themselves. For someone to go put on clothes from my line, whether they’re an extra small or not an extra small, and be able to walk out feeling so good about themselves in something that I helped design and create, that was my mind-set when creating it.”

If you’re not already, we’re sure you’ll be a big fan of Becca Tilley and her irresistible fall fashion line. See who else we’re following by checking out our Makeover Essentials [Newswire] feed.

What’s in YOUR Makeup? Ours Brings Out the Best in You

Team Makeover Essentials is committed to helping people look their best with products that are and pure and effective. Not only does this mean high-quality ingredients, but safe ingredients as well. We protect our customers by testing to make sure our products are free from scary things like heavy metals.

That’s right, there are no heavy metals in our products. What’s more, we go a step further and ensure there is no titanium dioxide in our powder products. Titanium dioxide is found in 99 percent of blushes, powders, and (most commonly) eyeshadow. There is an ongoing controversy concerning this metal, with some experts believing that titanium dioxide (TD) is toxic when the particles become airborne (as powdery particles do). This is why Makeover Essentials ensures that our eyeshadow and other powder products are safe by testing them to ensure they are free of TD and meet our safety standards.

We also make sure our products meet all USA-allowed ingredient requirements – and then test them again to be sure there are no surprises after the production process. Not only does this keep out the heavy metals like lead, but also all known carcinogens. After all, people look their best when they’re healthy, and we want our products to contribute to your healthy glow.

We don’t just sell makeup: we’re part of a lifestyle choice that helps people look and feel their best. Follow Makeover Essentials on [Instagram] to learn more about our commitment to quality.