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Beauty All In One (Small) Place

Face it, we’ve all been there. We’ve accumulated so many cosmetics that our makeup bags (or drawers) are overflowing with products. So we spend more time searching through them to find the right eyeliner or shade of lipstick to complement our outfit or add the right look for wherever we’re headed. Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts know the struggle is real.

Enter Makeover Essentials solution to this dilemma: The Complete Petite.

Inside this sleek travel case is all that you need to look your best, whether you’re on the road or in your bathroom. The case itself is slender and black, which makes it easy to tote with you anywhere you go. It’s small enough to stow in a travel bag or even a purse. You can even stow it nicely in your bathroom drawer without taking up too much space.

However, don’t let this kit’s petite size fool you. Everything you need to mix and match up your look is right there. There are 10 shades of eyeshadow, enough to coordinate with any pallet. The same goes for lipstick, with five supple shades to choose from depending on your desired look. Two shades of blush are enclosed as well, one in warm tone and one that’s cooler pink, which complement any skin tone. You’ll also find an eyeliner, mascara, and applicators in this handy-dandy compact. All of it fits in with little pullout drawers and a pencil sharpener on the side.

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Superfoods That Make Great Skincare Products

There’s a lot of research on the benefits of consuming superfoods. Also known as power foods, these grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are noted for being packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins that can do anything from increasing our energy levels to rid our bodies of harmful free radicals and other substances that can damage our organs and tissues. However, as yummy as they are to eat, our Makeover Essentials beauty experts have learned that many of these foods are also good applied to the skin. Let’s look how some of them are used as scrubs, masks, and other beauty products:

• Chia Seeds: These gelatinous seeds are good for more than just puddings and smoothies. Applied to the skin, their anti-inflammatory properties work to soothe skin flare-ups caused by acne. When they’re not battling pimples, chia seeds have omega-3 fatty acids which hydrate the skin and anti-aging vitamins like B3, B2, and zinc that leave you with a fresher, more glowing appearance.

• Yogurt: A longtime favorite of the healthy set, we’ve noted over the years that yogurt is also good applied to the skin. It contains lactic acid which can fade dark spots while also serving as an exfoliant which sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter appearance. The high protein in yogurt promotes the production of collagen, too, which is what keeps our connective tissue together, leading to fewer wrinkles and firmer skin.

• Quinoa: There’s riboflavin in this versatile grain, which is a key ingredient in the fight against aging skin. It aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping to produce more connective tissue, which improves skin tone. To help make sure you remove all of your makeup and the rest of the day off your face, use Makeover Essentials Refresh Me Cloth before or after your quinoa scrub.

• Kale: We already know this leafy green does a good job of detoxifying our insides when it’s mixed in salads or smoothies. It’s great applied to your skin, too. From cleaning out your pores, to fighting free radicals and other environmental toxins, Kale’s vitamins and minerals (like vitamins A and K) make your skin healthy and less puffy. Before your rub, try Makeover Essentials Makeup Remover so you can start with a clean base.

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Pumpkin for Your Face? YES!

Tis the season for pumpkin spice to emerge in every way, shape, and form. There’s pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin breads, cookies, and other treats to savor. From now until Thanksgiving, you will find pumpkin candles to bring that fall aroma into every room of your home. Don’t like scented candles? How about a nice pumpkin spice spray?

But aside from all of these wonderful pumpkin-inspired treats, there is one product our Makeover Essentials beauty experts can’t wait to try: pumpkin face mask. Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of everyone’s favorite harvest fruit and make your skin tingle with delight at the same time.

There’s a number of ways to incorporate pumpkin into your beauty regime that we’ve been checking out at Makeover Essentials HQ. While each has a different twist, like apricot seed powder, what makes pumpkin face masks a sound choice is their clarifying properties. Pumpkin is a nice option for congested skin because of its purifying enzymes that go to work on clogged pores and detoxify your skin. Some users have reported a tingly feeling that is most pleasant. Some testers have even compared these masks to alpha-hydroxy treatments.

Most pumpkin-based masks are ideal as a gentle exfoliant. Even people with sensitive skin can remove dead skin cells without irritation. In addition, all of the good nutrients that we enjoy when we gobble up our pumpkin pie we get to apply to our skin, including Vitamins A, C, and zinc. It’s really no wonder our skin is glowing in a good way when we’re done. Not to mention, how often do we get to nourish our skin and get into the season at the same time?

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The Beautiful Reasons to Use Charcoal

Most people don’t connect that dark, chalky substance known as charcoal with beauty. Our Makeover Essentials beauty experts believe, however, that there are indeed great reasons why charcoal is getting noticed for its health and beauty properties.

Unlike the briquettes you might find in your grill, activated charcoal is a strong detoxifier. It’s been used for centuries in other cultures to help purify skin, hair, and teeth thanks to its properties which attract and absorb the dirt and oil. Charcoal is making its way into various products, from shampoos and facial cleansers to toothpaste. It even comes in eco-friendly bamboo varieties. Let’s take a closer look at how what Santa puts in bad boys’ and girls’ stockings is actually a boon to your daily beauty routine.

Facial masks made with charcoal draw out impurities in your skin that can lead to clogged pores, and then acne. By leaving the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll find that your skin is less oily and your pores are smaller. If you want a product for your daily routine, our Makeover Essentials experts recommend trying charcoal facial soap which also has purifying properties.

Most people wouldn’t guess that a black-colored toothpaste could actually make teeth whiter. However, that’s exactly what charcoal toothpaste does. Acting as a magnet for dirt and plaque, it lifts them off of your teeth, leaving a brighter smile. Do keep in mind that charcoal toothpaste does not have fluoride or other ingredients necessary for dental health, so be sure to continue using your normal toothpaste as well.

Greasy hair be gone! Shampoos that include activated charcoal are the ultimate clarifiers as they can pull even more dirt, oil, and yuck from your scalp and hair, leaving your locks light and luscious.

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The Hottest Trends to Look Cool This Fall

Autumn and winter invoke the need for a look that’s warm and cozy, with a dash of glamour. Our Makeover Essentials experts have a few picks to help you transition from the breeziness of summer and get ready for a chill in the air and pumpkin everything:

• Chic and Sleek Is Back: Slicked-back hair, reminiscent of the 80s power look, is making a comeback this fall. Hold tresses back with a banana clip for the ultimate throwback look.

• Vibrant Shades: Give your lids and lips a shot of bright color to warm up your look in the cold weather. Think yellows, greens, and hot pinks.

• Glam Up With Glitter: Why just shine when you can sparkle! Yes, glitter continues to be in-style this season, with pixie-dusted foreheads and cheekbones that add a twinkle to your look.

• Blow-Outs Are In, Again: Smooth, styled hair is the rage and Makeover Essentials has just what you need to perfect this style. Our Wet or Dry Styling Iron lets you dry and style at the same time, so you can achieve just-been-to-the-stylist hair at home. Control the temperature based on your hair type.

• Big Lashes: Mascara is your friend this season. Voluminous lashes are in and you’ll need the right product to give you that full look, without feeling weighted down. Try Makeover Essentials 3D Mascara Duo, which combines lash gel with fibers that give you lift.

• Bold Lips: Who can resist bold-colored lips? Autumn and winter are ideal to showcase shades of red, like these found in Makeover Essentials The Four Tops Lipstick II set. Make your lips stand out.

• The Right Foundation: Winter months can mean drier skin, so consider a good moisturizing routine and skin primer before you add layers of foundation to your face. Makeover Essentials Face Primer is an ideal base to leave you with a perfect matte finish.

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Back-to-School Beauty Basics

Ready to rock the campus with a fresh look? Makeover Essentials has you covered with tips to keep you looking fresh and fierce throughout the school day:

• It All Starts With a Great Foundation: Skip the caked look and find a lightweight coverage that brings out your flawless beauty all day.

• Blemish-Free? Even Easier: If your skin is even-toned with few spots, a dab of concealer here and there along with some moisturizer might be all you need.

• Neat Eyebrows Are In: Use an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter than your natural hair color to fill in uneven sections of your brows, leaving you with a uniform shape.

• Wings That Do Wonders: Add some drama of the good kind to your day using fine black eyeliner along your eyelid, close to your lash line. A wing flip at the edges will add instant glam to your look.

• Give Your Eyes Some Pop: Let your eyes stand out with some color and long lashes. Get the ultimate eye look with Makeover Essentials Lashing Out – Girls Day Out. This kit includes three eyeshadows (highlight, lid, crease), a make-up brush, and a pair of false eyelashes.

• A Hint of Cheek Color: A light coral or pink, swept across the apples of your cheeks and blended, is all you need for a subtle, blushed look.

• Naturally Sweet Lips: Soft dewy lips are in this season and Makeover Essentials Juice Me Up Lip Gloss has the right mix of color and class to let your natural beauty shine through.

• A Good Cleanse Is a Beauty Essential: Get in the habit of removing your makeup before bed. Add water to your Makeover Essentials Refresh Me Cloth and wipe away the day, without harsh chemicals or drying soaps.

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