2018’s Summer Makeup Masterpieces

The season of sun and warmth is finally here! That means the latest hair and makeup looks are evolving. As usual, Makeover Essentials’ beauty experts have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends. Here are several of the biggest:


  • Pink Shiny Lips: Gloss is coming back! In particular, shades like orange, coral, berry, and pink are in style. Our Juice Me Up set fits the bill perfectly. These three pieces, which come in two sizes, offer the perfect summer color variations.

  • Bronzer and Moisturizer Mix: The objective is for your skin to look bronzed and radiant – almost dewy. Start with the Makeover Essentials Face Primer, and add a bronzer that’s just a shade or two darker than your natural tone. It’ll look beautiful on your arms and legs as well as your face!


  • Bright Eyes: Think electric blues and vibrant greens, or have some fun with violet. Our Pocketbook Eyes collection includes 22 attractive shades. As a bonus, the convenient case has room to store identification and other personal items!


  • Illuminating Blush: The combination of bronzer, highlighter, and blush can be a little heavy in the hot summer weather. You might prefer to forego the highlighter altogether and use a baked blush to achieve the desired effect. The Complete Petite will suit your requirements.


Start experimenting with these exciting options right away and explore our Makeover Essentials Facebook to stay updated on all the most popular looks.